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Proof Of Concept

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Hello World,

The above video is a Proof Of Concept for an animated series we would like to get started. Hope you like it.

This project has been a labor of love. We have worked on it in our own time and at our own expense.

We love our lil story, we think others will like it too and we just wanna see it movin’ around. One of the main challenges of this project has been to create a workflow that is visually interesting yet still affordable enough to produce with a small crew.

We need a crap load of hits. That’s where you came in: Watch our video and most importantly SHARE the crap out of it!!! Post this to your facebooks, myspaces, twitters, and Prodigy accounts. Send it everyone you’ve ever crapping met; friends, enemies, frienemies, parents, cousins, estranged second cousin etc. Perhaps this crap is not your cup o’ tea… that’s cool, you probably know someone who is into this kinda crap – be a good friend pass them the link. It’ll make their day. Thank you for being a part of our success and enjoy the crap out of the sample.

Also follow the facebook page.

Oh HEY did you see that donate button up top … that’s pretty neat.

Love you,